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Who Should Attend This Workshop?

if you are a beginner, experienced or veteran, you must attend this WORKSHOP

You are a beginner and yet to start UPSC 2022 preparation

Starting your preparation with the right guidance is extremely important to crack UPSC 2022 examination in a single attempt. Attend this FREE WORKSHOP to formulate the right plan for starting your preparation.

You have taken UPSC exam earlier but failed to clear Prelims or Mains or Interview

You now know very well the severity of the competition involved in UPSC examination. Attend this FREE WORKSHOP and get to know what rank holders and toppers do differently that they are able to clear the examination!

You are currently studying in college and are interested in appearing for UPSC

You are starting your preparation early as compared to others. Turn this into your strength and beat the competition by understanding how to utilize the time effectively for UPSC prepartion.

You are appearing for UPSC Civil Services and now also want to prepare for State Civil Services

Your preparation is more or less complete having given UPSC Civil Services examination. Attend this FREE WORKSHOP and understand how you can utilize your UPSC preparation for various State Civil Services and what extra you would need to study.

Book Your Seat Here - 7 February 2021 - 2 PM

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Book Your Seat Here - 7 February 2021 - 2 PM

Most Common Mistakes Aspirants Commit in UPSC preparation

attend FREE WORKSHOP for UPSC 2022 and learn how to avoid these mistakes in your preparation

attend FREE WORKSHOP for UPSC 2022 By Experts and ensure a rank in your exam

challenges faced by aspirants appearing for UPSC 2022

institutes, both online and offline do not provide end to end preparation for UPSC, the result is that aspirants end up wasting precious years of their life

High Prices of Courses - running into lakhs of Rupees

There is no dearth of courses for UPSC examination, however the prices run into lakhs of rupees which is not student friendly. The quality is also a big question mark.

Almost Nil Focus on Mains Answer Writing

UPSC preparation requires focus on end to end preparation with special emphasis on mains answer writing. Institutes focusing only on UPSC Prelims leave this crucial aspect of Mains.

Haphazard Coverage of Current Affairs

Each year, almost 30% questions in prelims and 40% questions in mains are asked based on current affairs. Institutes generally do not cover these components effectively.

UPSC 2022 Exam can be cracked in FIRST ATTEMPT

With Right Strategy, Study Plan, Material and Guidance, one can crack UPSC examination in one serious attempt!

Every year, more than 5 -7 lakh aspirants appear for the Prelims exam, many of them after appearing for UPSC civil services interview multiple times. With them, appear the candidates who have already cleared prelims last year and with them are the veterans who have been preparing since years. To beat the tough competition, it is important to get guidance, formulate a fool proof study plan and follow the right resources.

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Book Your Seat Here - 7 February 2021 - 2 PM

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