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Importance of Current Affairs in Prelims 2019

  • Current Affairs is one of the widest, most dynamic and therefore most important component of the UPSC syllabus.
  • Over the past few years, the questions asked from this domain have increased rapidly. One can expect as much as 60 questions from this section. 
  • The recently conducted Preliminary Exam of 2019 by UPSC has yet again depicted the importance of Current Affairs. There were nearly 40 questions that were based directly or indirectly on the important current events of national and international importance.
  • Based on the trend it can be seen that the weightage of current affairs in the past 3 UPSC Prelims Exam has been nearly consistent and one may expect nearly 40 percent of the exam based on current affairs in 2020 as well. So, are you ready to face it?

What are we doing at CivilsTap?

24 Full Length Tests: Parishram 2020 shall be providing you with 24 full length tests consisting of 100 MCQS based on the most important Current Affairs of the Month.

2 Tests Every Month: We shall be covering important current affairs from May 2019 to May 2020 and therefore you shall be getting 2 Tests Every Month. This shall help you prepare and practice your Current Affairs much before the exam. So why depend on a crash course?
Most Important Sources Covered: The UPSC Prelims Questions from the past 5 years depict that sources like – “The Hindu”, “The Indian Express”, “PIB”, “PRS”, “Live Mint”, “The Business Standard” are the most important. We shall be covering these sources comprehensively.  
Detailed Video Explanation: Now we understand that there are always a few questions in a test that need a personalized guidance of a teacher. Therefore, each of these 24 tests will be accompanied with detailed video explanations of every question in the test. With these video explanations, the aspirant shall learn the art of attempting the questions through knowledge, elimination as well as identification of keywords.
Divide and Conquer Approach: We at CivilsTap believe in a holistic Comprehensive Preparation of UPSC IAS Exam and for that we follow an approach of divide and conquer. We have divided the current affairs into parts such as Government Policies; Government Regulations; Important Bills, Acts and Amendments; Government Schemes and Programmes; Reports, Rankings and Indices; Disease in News, Environment in News, Trends of Important parameters etc.
While Current Affairs as a whole might seem a steep mountain to climb, but when it is divided into parts, the tasks becomes easy and enjoyable.

We at CivilsTap firmly believe that preparation of UPSC IAS Exam requires an integrated approach between Prelims and Mains. Hence in each test which apparently targets UPSC Prelims we shall be extracting out important fodder material which will be useful in MAINS as well. At the end of the test series we shall be providing you with the compilation of this fodder material. So you need not worry much about MAINS preparation after acing Prelims.

How Much Current Affairs are being covered in our Test Series?

We shall be comprehensively covering the most important current affairs from May 2019 to May 2020 and along with that the current affairs from January 2018 to May 2019 which are relevant for UPSC 2020 shall also be covered. So all in all, we shall be covering about 2 years of most important current affairs.

Where can you give the test?


Our Test Series will be available at our website –https://courses.civilstap.com and on our Android App – “CivilsTap”. Hence, you can appear in our test series via online medium.
Also, since we will be providing downloadable question paper and its detailed explanation, therefore students can take the printout and attempt the tests offline as well.

How will the solutions be provided?

We shall be providing comprehensive solutions in the form of pdf files which will allow the students to not only check their answers for performance analysis but also revise other important facts comprehensively.
Not only this we shall be providing “VIDEO EXPLANATIONS” of each test as well. Because there are always certain facts and traps in a test which need the personal touch of a guide & mentor.
Also, our experienced educators will help you analyze your performance to improve it.

Can I get a sample of a test? 

Of course you can!! We at CivilsTap firmly believe in the policy of ” पहले इस्तेमाल करें, फिर विश्वास करें|” Take a look at the sample test from our Abhyaas Current Affairs Test Series targetting Prelims 2019.  (See link Below)
The first sample Test for Parishram 2020 shall be uploaded on June 23rd, 2019.

Will the static portions be covered?

Yes. There are many static questions asked in UPSC Prelims every year, the context of which are based on the current events. Such questions shall be comprehensively covered in our Test Series along with Detailed Video Explanations and accompanied with a fodder material for MAINS.

Has the Registration Started?

Yes, the registration to the current batch of Test Series had started on July 13th, 2019. To enroll yourself in the Test Series, click the buttons below:

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