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IAS Previous Year Ancient History Questions | Lecture 00 | How to Prepare Ancient History


Q.1) With reference to the invaders in ancient India, which one of the following is the correct order? (2006)

(a)Greeks- Sakas- Kushanas

(b)Greeks- Kushanas- Sakas

(c)Sakas- Greeks- Kushanas

(d)Sakas- Kushanas- Greeks

Q.2) Consider the following statements: (2006)

1.The Ikshvaku rulers of Southern India were antagonistic towards Buddhism

2.The Pala rulers of Eastern India were patrons of Buddhism

Which of the statements given above is/are correct?

(a)1 only

(b)2 only

(c)Both 1 and 2

(d)Neither 1 nor 2

Q.3) The silver coins issued by the Guptas were called (1997)





Q.4) Who among the following laid the foundation of Rashtrakuta Empire? (2006)

(a)Amoghavarsha I



(d)Krishna I

Q.5) The initial design and construction of which massive temple took place during the reign of Suryavarman II? (2006)

(a)Sri Mariamman Temple

(b)Angkor Vat

(c)Batu caves Temple

(d)Kamakhya Temple

Q.6) The practice of military governorship was first introduced in India by the (2000)






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