Daily Current Affairs MCQs - JigyasaJigyasa - April 2019Jigyasa – April 2019 – Week 4

Day 20 | April 2019 | Daily Current Affairs | IAS Prelims 2019

Q.1) Consider the following statements:

1.The theme for the Earth Day 2019 is “End plastic pollution”.

2.Earth Day network works under the aegis of United Nations Environment Programme.

3.It was first celebrated in 1992 during Rio Declaration (Earth Summit).

Which of the statements given above is/are correct?

a)1 and 2 only

b)1 and 3 only

c)1, 2 and 3

d)None of the above

Q.2) The term “Kronos and Hoplight” is sometimes seen in the news in context of:

a)Asteroid of Kuiper belt, which is being studied as a part of deep space mission of NASA

b)Hypersonic missile developed by Russia

c)New missions by European Space Agency to study Jupiter and its satellite Ganymede respectively.

d)None of the above

Q.3) Which of the following is/are part of the culture of Tripura:




Select the correct answer using the codes given below:

a)1 and 2 only

b)1 and 3 only

c)2 and 3 only

d)1, 2 and 3

Q.4) Which of the following are the nesting site for Olive Ridley:

1.Hope Island of Coringa Wildlife Sanctuary (Andra Pradesh)

2.Gahirmatha beach (Odisha)

3.Astaranga coast (Odisha)

4.Beach of Rushikulya River


a)2, 3 & 4 Only

b)1, 2 & 3 Only

c)2 & 3 Only

d)All of the above

Q.5) Ross Island, Neil Island and Havelock Island are located in which of the following island group?




d)Andaman and Nicobar


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