Daily Current Affairs MCQs - JigyasaJigyasa - April 2019Jigyasa – April 2019 – Week 4

Day 19 | April 2019 | Daily Current Affairs | IAS Prelims 2019

Q.1) Consider the following statements:

1.Index of Cancer Preparedness (ICP) is created by WHO.

2.It aims to allow benchmarking of national efforts and identify best practices in addressing the cancer challenges.

3.India ranks 19th in ICP.

Which of the statements given above is/are NOT correct?

a)1 Only

b)1 & 2 Only

c)3 Only

d)None of the above

Q.2) Which of the following statements regarding Strigops habroptila is correct?

a)It is a species of owl.

b)It is endemic to New Zealand.

c)It is protected under CITES: Appendix II

d)It has been given endangered (EN) status under IUCN Red List.

Q.3) Which of the following statements regarding Swiss challenge method is correct?

a)It is a method used by WTO to ascertain quota limits of subsidies permissible to a country under Amber Box.

b)It refers to tax avoidance strategies undertaken by multinational companies to artificially shift profits to low or no-tax locations.

c)It is a method of bidding, often used in public projects, in which an interested party initiates a proposal for a contract or the bid for a project.

d)None of the above

Q.4) “World Press Freedom Index” is published by which of the following agency?

a)Reporters Without Borders

b)Reports by Choice

c)Free World Society

d)Economist Intelligence Unit

Q.5) Mount Anak Krakatau was recently in news due to volcanic activity. It is located in which of the following places.

a)Sulawesi Island

b)Sunda Strait

c)Maluku Island


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