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Daily Answer Writing for IAS Mains Examination – PRAYAAS Series – Day 74

Q. E-governance is not only about utilization of the power of new technology, but also much about critical importance of the ‘use value’ of information. Explain [Answer in 150 Words]                                   


Technology & Governance

The significance of information technology has expanded to various spheres of our lives. E-Governance is one such sphere that has allowed better delivery of services by the government to its citizens.

Connecting Line

  • However, the significance of e-governance goes much beyond the power of the new information technology tools.
  • It is in fact the ‘use value’ of information that plays a much more significant role in improving the standards of governance. This can be explained as follows.


Utilization Of Power Of Technology

  • E- governance has utilized the power of technology and has brought the people closer to the government.
  • With apps like ‘meri sadak’; ‘swachch bharat app’; etc. the people no longer have to wait in long queues to get their complaints registered. With just a tap of a finger, one can register his/her grievance and monitor the target based resolution of the same.
  • With online websites and portals like “pmindia.gov.in” the people can interact with even the Prime Minister.


Connecting Line

  • Moreover, at a time when “Right to Information” has gained immense significance. The critical importance of information released in the public domain by virtue of e-governance initiatives is of much more significant than mere utilization of the power of new technology.

‘Use Value’ Of Information

  • Government has been able to gather vast amount of information associated with the socio-economic indicators. Such an information can be judiciously used to devise better and more efficient policies, schemes and programs.

‘Use Value’ Of Information

  • Additionally, implementation of policy can be improved through target based monitoring and review.
  • Moreover, the information pertaining to the allocation of the resources released in the public domain can be effectively used to check the leakages and corruption.
  • Such a critical use of information is likely to act as a deterrence to the unauthorized diversion of allocated resources and corruption.
  • It is the use value of information that allows more transparency and accountability thereby improving the standards of governance.


  • With several on going developments in the field of e-governance, better standards of governance have started to emerge. These standards can be further improved if the information being gathered via e-governance is used in a more constructive and fruitful manner to serve the larger good of the society.

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