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Daily Answer Writing for IAS Mains Examination – PRAYAAS Series – Day 64

“The growth of cities as IT hubs has opened up new avenues of employment, but has also created new problems.” Substantiate this statement with examples [Answer in 250 Words]



Growth of Cities as IT Hubs

  • Since the adoption of LPG (Liberalization Privatization Globalization) reforms, various factors (as shown in diagram) have attracted foreign investments in India which has resulted in growth of several cities as IT hubs.

Connecting Line

  • These IT hubs have acted as important source of generating new avenues of employment directly or indirectly which can be substantiated through the following examples.

IT Hubs & New Avenues of Employment

  • Direct Generation of Employment
  • Setting up of an IT company requires a large number of human resource with diverse skill set. This not only creates an employment avenue for technical professionals but also for other professions such as corporate lawyers; accountants; managers; small workers (office boys and security guards etc.) and many more.


IT Hubs & New Avenues of Employment

  • In-direct Generation of Employment
  • Directly generated employment has a cascading effect leading to an indirect generation of employment in other fields.
  • For example, greater demand for commutation will lead to a greater employment in this field (public transport, cab drivers, automobile industries, financing industry etc.)
  • Similarly a higher purchasing power of the IT professionals will create demand and jobs in retail-shopping, recreation and hospitality industry.

Connecting Line

  • However, the growth of cities has created certain problems, substantiation of which can be done via following examples:

Problems with Growing Cities

  • Urbanization and associated problems
  • Growing urbanizing cities are becoming congested, facing increased rate of crime.
  • Improper Urban Governance
  • The local governance has not matched its pace with the rapid growth of cities as a result there are problems related to basic amenities like clean drinking water, proper garbage disposal, etc.
  • Environmental Issues
  • More vehicles on roads, more generation & improper disposal of solid waste, etc. is leading to problems for the environment as well.


  • In the light of these examples, it is evident that by creating new avenues of employment, ‘growth of cities as IT hubs’ is needed by our country. It can play a crucial role in realizing the potential of our demographic dividend.
  • If the problems associated are effectively tackled, these growing cities can be instrumental in ushering development.
  • The problems associated with it can be tackled by better governance by local bodies, adoption of better technology (in different spheres like solid waste management, renewable energy, town planning.

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