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Daily Answer Writing for IAS Mains Examination – PRAYAAS Series – Day 58

Q.Throw light on the significance of the thoughts of Mahatma Gandhi in the present times. [Answer in 150 Words]



Brief Introduction about Gandhi Ji
  • Mahatma Gandhi – the father of our nation was a brilliant writer, philosopher and perhaps the most important personality of our freedom struggle.
  • He was a visionary and possessed a very powerful mind and hence thought deeply and wrote on basic human issues and problems facing India in those times.

Connecting Line

  • Gandhi Ji’s philosophy and thoughts are relevant as well as significant even today amidst several crisis being faced by the mankind in contemporary times. This significance can be brought forth as follows.
Thoughts on Tolerance
  • Gandhiji strongly professed the value of ‘Tolerance’ and compassion. His ideas of tolerance, compromise and non-violence can serve as an antidote to the present social crises of hatred, terrorism, and racial and religious conflicts across the world.

Thoughts on Satyagraha
  • Gandhiji was a strong advocate of the ‘Satyagraha’ – struggling for what we believe in without being violent.
  • His thoughts and ideology on Satyagraha gains significance in the present times as the politics in India and also in most of the outside world is perhaps witnessing one of the darkest phase.
  • Political struggle is taking violent undertones which is dangerous for society. Hence ‘Satyagraha’ gains relevance in the contemporary times.

Village Self Sufficiency
  • India is presently in the state of agrarian crisis along with several other issues such as distressed migrations, poor living conditions in cities etc.
  • Insufficiency of villages to stand as self sustaining units is the root cause for this.
  • In this context, Gandhiji’s philosophy on Village self sufficiency gains significance.
  • Acknowledging the relevance of this national think tanks like NITI Aayog have emphasized on bottom up approach of development, wherein the self sufficiency of the villages is the foundation of such a development
Vocational Training
  • India is situated at a very sweet spot of its demographic dividend. However, the potential of the same cannot be realized unless and until the people are provided with the skill set that makes them employable.
  • In the light of such a scenario, Gandhiji’s emphasis on “vocational training to be made a part of formal education” gains significance as it would be instrumental in realizing the demographic dividend.


  • Thus, it can be said that Gandhi was the leader of the past who runs into the present and marches towards the future. He had always been a leader of the time ahead. His thoughts are relevant and important today more than ever before.

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