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Daily Answer Writing for IAS Mains Examination – PRAYAAS Series – Day 57

Q. Appropriate local community-level healthcare intervention is a prerequisite to achieve ‘Health for All’ in India. Explain. [Answer in 150 Words]



“Health for All”

  • Raising the level of nutrition and improving public health standards is an essential responsibility of the state, which has also been enshrined in the Constitution (Article 47).
  • In pursuit of delivering on this responsibility and to ensure ‘Health for All’; the government has introduced various policies and programs such as National Health Mission which further has five components.
  • Ensuring local community level healthcare intervention is an important component of these programs since it is a pre-requisite to achieve ‘Health for All’.

Components of National Health Mission


Better Coverage

  • Accessibility of healthcare is one of the most critical issue in India, which acts as an impediment to the objective of ‘Health for all’.
  • In this context, intervening at local community-level healthcare intervention can address the issue of accessibility to a significant extent. This would lead to better coverage of the beneficiaries which can help in achieving better standards of nutrition and health for all.

Better Monitoring and Awareness

  • In addition to this, the local community-level healthcare intervention can help in better monitoring of the health of the people as well as better implementation of the ongoing health schemes.
  • Due to this, an ailment or a sickness can be curbed and tackled at a nascent stage and serious health issues can be avoided effectively.
  • An aware community is likely to impact the lifestyle of the people which can ensure better hygiene and curb the health issues arising out of the lack of hygiene.

Timely Delivery of Healthcare

  • Timely delivery of healthcare services is another critical issue for achieving the objective of ‘Health for All’ in India.
  • A strong and efficient system of local community level healthcare intervention can be instrumental in this regard. (since the community is the first point of contact)


  • A “bottom-up” approach and an ‘efficient primary healthcare system’ plays a key role in achieving the objective of ‘Health for All’.
  • Amidst the points explained, it becomes very evident that the appropriate local community-level healthcare intervention adds to the strength of primary healthcare system and is an efficient way to ensure the ‘bottom-up approach’ as well. And hence it becomes a prerequisite to achieve ‘Health for All’ in India.
  • Programs like NHM and a network of Accredited Social Health Activists (ASHA), Auxiliary Nurse Midwife (ANM), Aanganwadi Workers etc are appreciable measure by the government in this regard.

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