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Daily Answer Writing for IAS Mains Examination – USING THE DIRECTIVE – “EXPLAIN” – Day 44

Q. “The echo of words written on social media is greater than spoken in public and therefore needs greater regulation.” Explain                                                                                [Answer in 200 words]          

Keywords to be used in Answer while addressing the directive “EXPLAIN”:

  • EXPLAINED” in terms of _____
  • BECAUSE” _______
  • SINCE” it is ……., “THEREFORE” …….
  • CAN BE UNDERSTOOD” that…..



Significance of social media:

  • Social media technology has revolutionized the way human beings interact.



  • The echo of words written on social media is greater than those spoken in public because social media allows these words to reach millions of people in a fraction of seconds.
  • Due to technological developments like broader spectrums (3G, 4G, 5G etc.), a high speed internet, cheaper computers and mobile phones etc. people are now able to afford the gadgets needed to interact on the social media platforms.
  • As a result of this with just a click of a button, a piece of information on social media can go viral.
  • Moreover, due to the audio visual aids and the creative arts used on social media is able to capture the imagination of a much wider audience.

Connecting Line

As a result of these advantages, the social media definitely has various benefits (digital marketing, public awareness campaigns etc.). However, an weakly regulated social media can be dangerous for the society and needs greater regulations which can be understood in terms of the following factors.



Rumor Spreading

  • Greater regulations of the social media are needed because in absence of it, this platform is likely to be misused by various anti-social and mischievous elements.
  • The greater reach of social media and the anonymity of the uploader, allows it to be a potential weapon which gets misused by Rumor Mongers to spread baseless rumors.
  • These rumors can have undesirable consequences which is evident from the recent unfortunate incident of lynching of two 30 year old youth in Assam.

Communal Disharmony

  • Such a misuse can also lead to communal disharmony between two different communities. This is because the instigating and disturbing messages and pictures spread like a wild fire on the social media and cause tensions between the communities.
  • This is evident from various riots that took place in recent past (Muzzaffarnagar riots of 2013) wherein social media added fuel to the fire.
  • The rise in the incidents of ‘Cow Vigilantism’ and consequent mob lynching also explains as to why greater regulations are needed for social .

Fake News for Vote bank

  • The need for greater regulations of social media can also be explained in the light of incidents wherein certain political groups spread fake news (photo shopped images, false historical facts etc.) to emotionally manipulate the public for vote bank.
  • Such a misuse is undermines the ideals of democracy.

Psychological Issues among Youngsters

  • In addition to this, since the social media is found to be a cause for various psychological problems among the youth as shown in the figure, therefore the need for greater regulations becomes important.
  • Since the youngsters are the future of the country, therefore, any issue that adversely affects them has to be tackled effectively.


  • In the light of the explanation discussed, it is very evident that the present regulations are rid with certain lacunae/loopholes.
  • The government of India has acknowledged this matter and is therefore taking some steps to resolve it.
  • For example, the introduction of draft “Information Technology (Intermediary Guidelines Rules) 2018” introduced by the Ministry of Information and technology to replace the rules notified in 2011 is one such measure.
  • It is hoped that after these draft rules go through the consultation process, they will be able to better regulate the social media in National Interest.




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