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Daily Answer Writing for IAS Mains Examination – USING THE DIRECTIVE – “COMMENT” – Day 38

Q. “The echo of words written on social media is greater than spoken in public and therefore needs greater regulation.” Comment

Model Hints:

  • Social media technology has completely revolutionized the way human beings interact. But at the same time, a poorly regulated social media can be very dangerous for the peace and harmony of the society.
  • High speed internet, cheaper mobile etc. has easily allowed the social media to make deep inroads into our lives as a result of which the information (even if its harmful) spreads extremely fast via social media.

There are high repercussions of lacunae in the regulations of the social media.


Social Dimension:

  • Due to anonymity of the uploader, social Media is being highly misused by mischievous elements (Rumor Mongers) to spread baseless rumors.
  • These rumors can have very dangerous outcomes which is also evident from some recent incidents (lynching of two 30 year old youth in Assam).
  • Moreover, the incidents of instigating two different social communities against each other (Cow Vigilantism and Mob Lynching) depicts that greater regulations are highly needed to maintain social peace in the society.

Political Dimension:

  • There is no doubt that social media platforms (like twitter) have opened up an avenue for the people to directly interact with their elected representatives.
  • However, certain political groups spread fake news (photo shopped images, false historical facts etc.) to emotionally manipulate the public for vote bank.
  • Such a misuse is rising exponentially and is extremely dangerous for our democracy. Only a well regulated socially media can tackle such a situation.

Psychological Dimension:

  • The serious psychological dangers of social media makes its greater regulations even more important.
  • A poorly regulated social media is responsible for a number of psychological disorders among the youngsters like – mobile screen addiction, depression due to cyber bullying, exposure to explicit material etc.
  • Youngsters are the future of the country and any issue that adversely affects them must be taken very seriously.


  • In the light of these arguments, it is very evident that the present regulations are rid with certain lacunae/loopholes. Hence it is high time that greater regulations for Social Media are introduced.
  • Fortunately, the government of India has taken this matter seriously.
  • The introduction of draft “Information Technology (Intermediary Guidelines Rules) 2018” introduced by the Ministry of Information and technology to replace the rules notified in 2011 is a highly appreciative step.
  • How far these new rules (presently under consultation process) will be able to tackle this issue is yet to be seen.

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