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Daily Answer Writing for IAS Mains Examination – USING THE DIRECTIVE – “DISCUSS” – Day 42

Q. “The echo of words written on social media is greater than spoken in public and therefore needs greater regulations.” In the light of the above statement examine the need of such regulations.


  • “can be DISCUSSED in terms of following factors”
  • “from sociological POINT OF VIEW”
  • “from political POINT OF VIEW”
  • “from the PERSPECTIVE OF teenage psychology”



Significance of Social Media

  • In the age of information the social media technology has revolutionized the way human beings interact.
  • While the benefits brought about by the use of social media cannot be ignored, yet the echo of words written on social media by the keyboard warriors has serious repercussions for the society.


Amidst various concerns associated with the misuse of social media, there is a need for a greater regulations. The need for these regulations can be discussed in terms of the following aspects:


Sociological Aspect 

  • From a sociological perspective the need for greater regulation of the social media can be discussed in light of the fact that it is being misused by mischievous elements (Rumor Mongers) to spread baseless rumors.
  • These rumors have far reaching impact and can lead to disharmony in the society.
  • The recent lynching of two 30 year old youth in Assam and instigation of two different social communities against each other (Cow Vigilantism and Mob Lynching) depict an urgent need regulations from the sociological point of view.

Political Aspect 

  • Politically, the social media is being actively used by various political groups to propagate their ideology and gather support of the people.
  • However, there are a few groups that resort to spreading fake news (photo shopped messages etc.) thereby manipulating the people to redirect the public wave in their favour .
  • As a result from political point of view as well, there needs to be an effective regulation of social media.

Economic Aspect 

  • Digital marketing has become an important platform for publicizing various products.
  • However, due to unregulated social media, certain brands are selling substandard / duplicate products to the consumers thereby threatening their interest.
  • Thus, from the economic / consumer point of view a well regulated social media can safeguard the consumer Interest and save them from being drained of money on useless commodities.

Physiological Aspect

  • The psychological aspect of the need for greater regulations in social media cannot be ignored.
  • Social Media is primarily being used by the youngsters to interact among themselves. However, an unregulated social media can lead to various psychological issues.
  • Mobile screen addiction, depression due to cyber bullying, exposure to explicit material etc. are some of the psychological harms caused due to an unregulated social media.


  • In the light of the aspects discussed, it is evident that the present regulations are rid with certain lacunae/loopholes and there is a need for greater regulations of Social Media.
  • The government of India has acknowledged this need. The Ministry of Information and technology has drafted the “Information Technology (Intermediary Guidelines Rules) 2018” to replace the rules notified in 2011, hopefully the new rules (presently under consultation process) will seek to plug in these loopholes.

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